Rebranding Icelandic Textile Museum

The new visual identity is centered around inspiration, curiosity, and pride. The design mirrors the museum´s commitment to exhibiting the saga of Icelandic textile history to today's high fashion.

The campaign is designed to engage both Icelandic residents and international visitors, starting more discussions around the museum´s exhibitions and attracting a younger crowd. 
Software ········ Illustrator & After Eftects 
Created ·········· February  2023
Language ······  Icelandic  & English

For use on Social Media platforms, like Instagram & TikTok

The new branding leverages credibility with the logo containing a nationally recognized pattern, redesigned in a modern rendition. The chosen typeface is similar of those used in knitting magazines from the early 20th century, while the colors derive from classic textile product showcased within the museum.