Cult rebranding

The project was developed in collaboration with Helena Mildow, Lukas Blazek and Jacob Von Oettingen.
In our project, we conducted an extensive analysis of Cult and the perception of the brand and their product Cult energy drink. We analysed their historic background, marketing strategies and identitified the core challenges. Through audits, interviews, surveys and audience analysis, we clarified the challenges associated with Cult's current image issues.

Based on these insights, we introduce "Qult", a rebranded name emphasizing quality. As a part of a group project I created the design and conducted interviews and data through online questionnaires. By simplifying the can´s design and distancing the brand from the negative connotations typically associated with energy drinks.
Software ········ Illustrator & Photoshop
Created ·········· October 2023
Language ······· Danish
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We have developed a relaunch campaign that aims to give a "push in everyday life" and place the product in relevant places for the target audience. Our goal is clear: we want to create a new Qult that breaks away from previous image limitations and appeals to a broader and more diverse consumer base.