The project was developed in collaboration with Salomon Santis, Nicholas Søjnæs & Kristina Komarova
Visual identity for Bogforum, Denmark’s leading literary event. As a part of a group project I designed a new logo and an animation, and also collaborated on the overall design theme. The logo we designed is an alteration of the Albra typeface, with the letter "B" resembling a bookmark, symbolizing Bogforum as a literary gateway.

We chose neutral colors with a pop of orange to add contrast. Moving on to the app design, our approach was to capture the essence of a book. The design is minimalist, intended to mimic the tactile sensation of flipping through pages, which helps to engage users by creating a familiar and immersive experience. We opted for a clean, straightforward layout to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience.
Software ········ Illustrator, After Effects & Photoshop
Created ·········· November 2022
Language ······· Danish