A safer way home

Made in collaboration with Ane Hartvig Axelsen,  Cecilia Vising Schwartz &  Peter Nolsøe Helles

The nighttime holds promises of excitement and community engagement. Yet, for minorities, women and queer individuals, the journey home after a night of joy often carries a weight of apprehension.
We introduce the concept of “A safer way home”. An initiative specifically designed to make the walk home from clubbing a safer experience for all, by shedding light on places that provide refuge and support. In collabiration with hotels, restaurants and stores open 24 hours.  We aim to build a society where safety is a shared responsibility and discrimination has no place.

The inspiration for this initiative stemmed from a rapport, discrimination and cross-border behavior in the Copenhagen nightlife, that highlighted a significant need for enhanced knowledge on being a supportive bystander or ally. It was particularly noted that transition between locations or the journey home is where individuals feel the most vulnerable, especially among women and gender minorities.

Software ········ Illustrator, Photoshop & After-effects
Created ·········· January 2024
Language ······  English

Boosted Instagram story, with a swipe-up option to directly download the Safe Spot map to your smartphone, ensuring quick access whenever needed.

Posters will be placed in front of clubs frequented by our target audience, displaying the nearest "Safe Places”.  Additionally will there be signs positioned on the streets along the routes home from these clubs, directing you to the closest safe location.